Not Just Numbers: Quality Education and Infrastructure Vital for Cyprus' Future

Not Just Numbers: Quality Education and Infrastructure Vital for Cyprus' Future

"We don’t only need to increase the quantity but also the quality of schools" - Liudmila Marochkina, Executive Director at DC Sport Soft

At the Molos Seaside Park on September 20th, the TechIsland Summit 2023's fourth panel discussion, titled "Bridging the Education Gap: Accommodating the Talents Influx" illuminated a pressing concern. The thriving IT sector in Cyprus is attracting a wealth of international talent, but the educational system seems unprepared for the influx of students from these relocating families.

This significant panel brought together influential figures to dissect the root causes, share insights, and suggest sustainable solutions. A recurring theme was the need to not only expand but enhance the educational opportunities available.

Liudmila Marochkina, Executive Director at DC SPORT SOFT, emphasized that while the number of schools is critical, their quality is equally crucial. "Licenses for private schools should be expedited and treated as a priority," she pointed out, stressing the potential role of tech companies in curriculum development.

Michael Gitsis, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer at Quadcode, highlighted the challenges relocating families face with an average waiting period of six months to find a school. He praised the government for its initiatives in drawing businesses to Cyprus but noted, "Accommodation, education, and traffic must follow."

Elena Grigoryan, Chief Strategy Officer at MY.GAMES, advocated for adjustments in local schools to facilitate the integration of these families. Meanwhile, Dr. Yiorgos Koutsides, Head of Private Education at the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, spotlighted the curriculums in public schools, emphasizing their alignment with university entrance criteria in Cyprus and Greece. He acknowledged the need for parallel evaluations of both academic expertise and infrastructure to expedite the establishment of new schools and welcomed IT companies to engage with public schools through programs and competitions.

Moderated by Patrik Wilkens, VP Global Operations at TheSoul Publishing, the discussion was a vibrant blend of perspectives, culminating in a call for cohesive efforts to bridge the educational gap.

Cyprus’ Potential as an IT Hub

TechIsland Summit 2023 was a grand celebration of innovation and inspiration, shedding light on Cyprus' potential as an IT hub. Attracting over 300 luminaries from diverse sectors, the summit underscored the integral role technology plays in Cyprus's booming economic growth.

Those considering Cyprus as their next tech venture destination mustn't just ponder on the opportunities but also the challenges and responsibilities it brings along.

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