Cyprus' Roadmap to Retaining Top Tech Talent

Cyprus' Roadmap to Retaining Top Tech Talent

“Urban Planning Is Essential to Attract the Tech Industry" - Clive Ryan, Ex Regional Director EMEA-Global Risk Operations at Meta

The TechIsland Summit 2023 saw a host of influential figures discussing the driving forces of innovation and economic growth in Cyprus. One of the summit's highlights was Panel Discussion No. 5, aptly titled "The Global Blueprint for Retaining Tech Talent: Cyprus’ Strategic Approach".

Drawing from global case studies, the panel explored how countries are enticing and retaining tech professionals by offering an amalgamation of housing, top-tier education, and state-of-the-art infrastructural amenities. With a record number of 7,500 applications for high talent visas this year, Cyprus is on the radar for many in the tech world. Yet, the country recognizes the importance of continuously evaluating and evolving its strategies.

Konstantinos Ioannou, the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, emphasized the nation's ongoing efforts, stating, "We will try to digitalize various government processes to help retain high-skilled talent in Cyprus."

Echoing this sentiment, Alexey Gubarev, Executive Board Member at TechIsland and Co-Founder & Board Member at Palta, stressed the need to "simplify and digitalize the immigration process in Cyprus".

Clive Ryan, the former Regional Director EMEA-Global Risk Operations at Meta, offered a broader perspective on the issue. He highlighted the role of urban planning in attracting the tech sector and presented a thought-provoking question, “What if the talent stays? What happens then? That’s what the government should be thinking about.”

Valentinos Polykarpou, Chairman of TechIsland and General Manager at Wargaming, skillfully moderated the discussion, guiding the dialogue to inspire and inform the attendees about the potential that Cyprus holds as an emerging IT hub.

The summit was more than just a discussion platform—it was a call to action for all stakeholders, from government officials to business leaders, to collaborate and shape the future of technology in the region. 

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