Pancyprian Supermarkets Association Labels the E-Kalathi Initiative as “Aggressive”

Pancyprian Supermarkets Association Labels the E-Kalathi Initiative as “Aggressive”

Consumer Protection Agency Highlights Potential Savings with E-kalathi App

In a recent report released on Monday by the Consumer Protection Agency, the potential benefits of the electronic application "e-kalathi" were highlighted. This app could guide consumers to the most affordable retail outlets in their province for specific shopping lists. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive information about product prices and their availability across different outlets.

Inspectors from the agency documented prices of essential products in five supermarkets across several provinces. The findings suggest that had the "e-kalathi" platform been available today, consumers would gain significant financial benefits. The application would not only point them to the cheapest sales point in their province but also provide extensive information about product prices and availability.

For instance:

  • In the Lefkosia province, 37 out of 51 surveyed "common products" were found with a total cost fluctuating between €147.06 and €160.83—a difference of €13.77.

  • In the Lemesou province, out of the surveyed products, 40 were identified as "common products". Their combined cost ranged from €153.61 to €174.45, marking a €20.84 price difference.

  • In the Larnaka province, 39 "common products" had a total cost varying from €130.36 to €157.56, showing a €27.20 difference.

  • In the Pafos province, out of 36 identified "common products", the overall cost ranged from €121.05 to €137.74—a €16.69 difference.

The Consumer Protection Agency, which operates under the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, believes that adopting the "e-kalathi" platform would be a valuable tool for Cypriot consumers, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize savings.

Pancyprian Supermarkets Association Labels the “E-Kalathi” Initiative as “Aggressive”

On the other hand, the Pancyprian Supermarkets Association has labeled the "e-kalathi" initiative by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism as "aggressive". The proposal, they argue, threatens to distort the country's free market, impacting both consumers and especially smaller businesses.

The Association further highlighted its surprise at the Commission for the Protection of Competition's "abrupt" change in stance during a recent session, after having initially voiced strong reservations.

The Association concluded its statement with a call for transformative decisions that genuinely serve the Cypriot consumer, as opposed to short-sighted and populist moves.