Cyprus Takes Action to Support Women Entrepreneurs

Cyprus Takes Action to Support Women Entrepreneurs

New Strategies in the Pipeline

Josie Christodoulou, the Commissioner for Gender Equality, announced today that her Office is collaborating with various Ministries and Deputy Ministries to plan supportive measures for women's entrepreneurship. Speaking at a training event focused on Women’s Entrepreneurship and its Economic Contribution in the MENA region, Christodoulou revealed that these measures will be integrated into the National Strategy for Gender Equality 2024-2026.

Highlighting the substantial role of women in the economy, the Commissioner addressed the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, which, she emphasized, are more substantial than those encountered by their male counterparts.

Christodoulou drew attention to the absence of gender-specific business ownership statistics in Cyprus. However, she highlighted the country's rank: 22nd out of 27 EU member states in terms of gender equality. She also touched on the gender pay gap issue, mentioning that it stands at 9.9% in Cyprus.

In her efforts to address these challenges, Christodoulou mentioned, "Our Office is partnering with several departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy. We aim to craft bespoke programmes by directly engaging with women in rural sectors." Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of amplifying women's presence in STEAM professions.

Lastly, Christodoulou underscored the cultural significance of women in rural areas, praising their contributions to Cyprus' heritage. She expressed a dedicated focus on this area in collaboration with the Deputy Ministries of Tourism and Culture.