Reflect Festival 2023 is Just Around the Corner

Reflect Festival 2023 is Just Around the Corner

Across six years, Reflect Festival has hosted over 350 startups, more than 500 speakers, and exceeds 23,000 participants.

Found at the nexus of continents and cultures, Cyprus is home to thought leaders, experts, and budding entrepreneurs across industries. Its welcoming and hospitable island life and access to regions beckons professionals from around the world to set up shop. In 2021, Cyprus saw a record of €85.5 million raised by startups, and in 2022, a total of 446 startups and scaleups collectively boasted €3.7 billion in value.

For startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs to succeed, they require ample access to resources including mentorship, talent, and funding. This is where community comes in, bringing people together to share and leverage resources to grow alongside each other. 

Researchers Anna Kim and Suntae Kim expressed in a Harvard Business Review article that “we need to think about entrepreneurial ventures not as investment vehicles designed to maximize return, but as collaborative platforms that enable us to leverage local resources in creative ways to address urgent local problems. And this mindset shift has implications not only for how founders and advisors think about new ventures, but also for how policymakers support the entrepreneurial system.

This is a part of Reflect Festival’s mission, not only to offer a platform for businesses to showcase their progress and success, but also to empower local communities to create and innovate, unshackled from local restraints such as challenges in sourcing talent and funds.

At Reflect Festival, the team and attendees are first and foremost doers. Since 2018, co-founders Dusan Duffek and Stylianos and Andria Lambrou have brought together creators, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. Across six years, Reflect Festival has hosted over 350 startups, more than 500 speakers, and exceeds 23,000 participants.

This year, participating startups have their own exhibition booths, access to a pitching competition to showcase their products, services, and ideas, roundtables and workshops, lounges dedicated for startups and investors to connect, as well as parties and dinners to unwind.

C-suite executives will also have access to tailored relationship building opportunities through the event’s app or through recommendations from the Reflect team. There are also ample exclusive and private activities, allowing for a more curated experience.

For enhanced relationship building opportunities, the festival has set up various, smaller pithy events such as DayZero, the event’s opening party, a run alongside Limassol’s coast, lunches, and parties. Each event is fueled with the intention to bring people together and encourage collaboration. 

Revered industry leaders, experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs are attending the event, with 151 speakers attending to shed light on upcoming trends, their vision for the future, insights from their journeys, and much more. There will also be opportunities to meet and connect with these inspiring leaders.

If you feel that “nothing is going on in Cyprus,” you are sincerely mistaken, and encouraged to be a part of this growing community of doers. Join the 2023 Reflect Festival from September 20-21 and expand your horizons.

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