New Business Association Strengthens Cyprus-Malta Ties

New Business Association Strengthens Cyprus-Malta Ties

The Association Represents a Broad Spectrum of Sectors Within the Economy

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) has announced the establishment of the Cyprus-Malta Business Association. The principal aim of this association is to promote, expand, and encourage business activities between the two nations.

Operating under the auspices of the CCCI, the association seeks to advance and foster economic and trade relations, as well as cross-border investments between Cyprus and Malta. It aims to serve as a catalyst for enhancing trade relations, acting as a pressure point on the governments of both countries. Moreover, the association seeks to establish and maintain communication among businesses from both nations, positioning itself as a primary reference for entrepreneurs.

Comprising 14 founding members, the association represents a broad spectrum of sectors within the economy. Ronald Attard, Managing Director for EY Cyprus and Malta, has been elected as the president of the association. Serving as the vice-president is Kosmas Kosma, Executive Advisor and member of the Executive Board of K. Treppidis. Additionally, the Ambassador of Malta to Cyprus, who is based in Athens, holds an ex officio role within the association's board.

The foundation of this business association heralds a new chapter in relations between Cyprus and Malta. It presents opportunities to further develop and strengthen collaboration in the business sector, concludes the CCCI.