ACTE Calls for Innovation in Tourism

ACTE Calls for Innovation in Tourism

“Now is the time for new investments and innovative solutions”

The Association of Cyprus Tourism Enterprises (ACTE) extends a warm welcome to the official celebration of the 44th World Tourism Day, held this year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, under the theme "Tourism and Green Investments." ACTE’s President, Akis Vavlitis, underscores the importance of embracing new investments and innovative solutions while keeping the sustainability of our tourism in sharp focus.

Recognizing the World Tourism Organization's emphasis on investment as a pivotal element in the recovery and future growth of tourism, ACTE fully supports the call for more targeted investments that benefit people, the environment, and social well-being. The organization sees significant opportunities in this approach.

World Tourism Day serves as a rallying point for the international community, governments, financial institutions, development partners, and investors to come together and shape a fresh investment strategy for tourism. The need for novel and innovative solutions is paramount.

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, President Akis Vavlitis emphasizes the urgency of pursuing new investments and innovative solutions, “now is the time for new investments and innovative solutions always with the sustainability of our tourism in mind.” He underscores ACTE's steadfast belief in the potential for substantial societal benefits through the continuous improvement of the tourism product's quality.

“Our firm position is that we must make an even greater effort for quality upgrading, constantly evaluating our tourism product as only through quality tourism can the benefits for the entire Cypriot society really increase,” he said.

Within the context of this year's World Tourism Day, ACTE announces a photography competition designed to showcase the merits of Cyprus' tourism from the perspective of its residents. The winners will be rewarded with overnight stays at member hotels affiliated with ACTE.